Aims of the Fund

FundHolbaek wishes to promote and help cultural projects, programmes and works which create reflection, surprises, food for thought and excitement. We say yes to projects, which in concept, expression and scale challenge those who use, those who live in and those who visit our town.

The Fund can support projects in all parts of Holbaek Municipality and aims to develop Holbaek town as the borough’s powerhouse.

The Fund especially supports projects which can create experiences other than the stated work of art itself, in the belief that the work can generate a development in its locality, can spread to statements, can be a catalyst for other works, include and involve the space/building/room, can enable an area to unify or change character, enable people to change their behavior, can bring new forces and energies into being.

Through donations from individuals and businesses Fundholbaek aims to

collect capital for projects, which according to the Board of Directors, live-up

to the fundamental ideas of the Fund. At the same time the Fund will apply for support from other private or public collaborative partners, eg funding bodies and municipalities, when this can benefit an idea or project.